Residential Portfolio

Our residential geothermal heat pump systems are installed throughout upstate NY in Saratoga and surrounding areas, in residences ranging from modular homes to high-end estates. Many of our residential systems have hybrid thermal designs combining with other renewable energy systems, like solar thermal, which extends the benefits of both technologies. Our team of engineers, geologist and field technicians have successfully installed a full range of system types including closed and open loop configurations, matting the site geology with the requirements for the building.

City of Schenectady Residence

This is the home of Aztech Geothermal's President, John Ciovacco. It's a 5 ton variable speed heat pump with a central ductwork system for heating and cooling. The home was built in 1922 and had a natural gas steam boiler system with cast iron radiators and a few window AC units. Natural gas service to the house was discontinued once the geothermal system was commissioned. Continue

Ballston Spa Residence

Turn of the century farmhouse in Ballston Spa. Horizontal ground loop with a 5 ton dual-stage heat pump. Replaced oil furnace and gave the house AC for the first time. Basement ductwork was insulated with spray foam as a part of the project. Continue

Saratoga Springs, NY

Kai Vormer and Geoff Hoffer proudly pose with this very compact and sophisticated system. New home with 5 ton water-to-water serving a radiant floor for heat and two hydronic air handlers for AC. Also includes two Heat Recovery Ventilators which double as bathroom ventilation. Continue

Chatham Residence

Replaced an oil heating and hot water system with a Variable Speed Geothermal Heat Pump to Heat & Cool - also tied to a Super Efficient Hot Water System. Continue

Saratoga Springs Residence

The variable speed geothermal system in this house makes it Net-Zero Ready along with other energy saving features. This new construction home was meticulously air sealed and insulated for high performance by Belmonte Builders. Continue

Clifton Park Residence

This Clifton Park, NY 1830's farm house was remodeled to meet the standards of a LEED Platinum, Net-Zero Energy Home Continue

Niskayuna Residence

This retrofit job replaced twin oil furnaces supported by a 1,000 gallon buried oil tank. The owners took out the old system and combined with Aztech's team to create one of the best looking and highest performing systems to date! Have a look inside. Continue

Delanson Residence

If you think this might be a Net-Zero Energy home, you'd be right. This new home was equipped with enhanced insulation, a PV solar array and a Geothermal / Solar Thermal Hybrid system. The renewable thermal systems (geothermal heat pumps and solar thermal hot water) get the little bit of electricity they need from the PV system. Continue

Ballston Spa Residence

This is an beautiful new home with two variable speed heat pumps supported by a large horizontal closed ground loop and two heat recovery ventilators. Continue

Glenville Residence

WINNER of Most Creative New Home Feature at the CRBRA 2016 Best of Building Awards. Aztech’s engineers set out to demonstrate the power of renewable heating & cooling systems in homes. We were able to slash operating costs in half, improve the indoor air quality and set the foundation for a Net-Zero energy home. Read on for a look under the hood. Continue

Rock City Falls Residence

This retrofit job replaced a propane furnace with a three ton geothermal system. This home was equipped with a Geothermal / Solar Thermal Hybrid system, a PV solar array and a solar thermal collector. The renewable systems have made this house a Net-Zero energy home. Continue

Vischer Ferry Residence

This retrofit job replaced a propane furnace with a four ton geothermal heat pump supported by 600 feet of vertical closed ground loop. Continue

Geothermal Accessories

There are many additions to a geothermal system that can improve the efficiency and comfort of a home. Continue

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"Best thing I ever did!! Love my Geothermal system. Not only do I have warmer heat in the winter but I also received an instant central air without the extra expense of installing an outside ac unit. This company delivered it all! " - Gansevoort