Glenville Residence

The variable speed geothermal system in this house makes it Net-Zero Ready along with other energy saving features.  This new construction home used insulated concrete forms (ICF) for both foundation and walls above grade by Halfmoon Construction.  

This is one of many systems where we set out to build a system with minimal operating cost and environmental impact – and that’s exactly how it turned out.  The variable speed heat pump is extremely responsive to changing outdoor conditions and can maximize both comfort and efficiency simultaneously. With super tight homes like this one, a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery brings in just the right amount of fresh air.  Central bathroom fans are driven by the heat recovery system which actually makes the house simpler while conserving energy. With access to renewable energy from solar or wind power, this home can be Net-Zero.

"Best thing I ever did!! Love my Geothermal system. Not only do I have warmer heat in the winter but I also received an instant central air without the extra expense of installing an outside ac unit. This company delivered it all! " - Gansevoort