Commercial Financing & Incentives

There are several Federal and State incentive programs for geothermal heating and cooling systems for both new and retrofit commercial buildings.  Commercial incentives can appear a bit complex at first glance but their implementation is fairly straightforward once you sort it out.  Contact John Ciovacco at Aztech for how it applies to your project.

Incentive Programs

Unlimited Federal Tax Credit – Commercial

On December 27, 2020 a bill was signed into law extending the 10% federal tax credit for geothermal heat pumps in the commercial sector.  In addition businesses are eligible for accelerated depreciation and presently can expense the system in the year it was installed.  Tax incentives apply only to for-profit companies and their value to the business will depend on several factors. Credits and depreciation allowances have been extended to December 31, 2023. 

The residential tax credit is different.  For details see our Financing & Incentives for Your Home.

NYSERDA Geothermal Rebate Program !!

The amount of funding available to each project will depend on its size and the heat pumps capacity.  Larger projects (e.g., multi-family, hospitals and college campuses) receive $1,200 per ton up to $500,000 per building with payments being made throughout the project. No single site can receive more than $1 million.  Smaller projects (e.g., residential and small commercial buildings) get $1,500 per ton with a cap of $15,000 per project.  

New Construction Program

The New Construction Program may aid your project with technical assistance to evaluate and design energy efficiency options, cash back for installation of cost-effective electric efficiency measures including geothermal heating and cooling in new or substantially renovated buildings. Additional incentives are also available for green buildings, solar technologies, industrial and process efficiency, and demand response.

Financial incentives are based upon the anticipated energy performance of the building relative to the Energy Code requirements. Actual incentives are based upon the anticipated energy performance of the building. Incentives cover a significant portion of the incremental costs of energy efficiency measures. Incremental costs are defined as the cost difference between the installed high efficiency equipment and the equipment that meets Energy Code requirements.

Existing Facilities Program

Existing Facilities Program offers incentives for a variety of energy projects including Pre-Qualified Measures and Performance-Based Incentives depending on the size of the project and the anticipated amount of incentive.

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