Design & Installation

Aztech Geothermal’s sales staff and engineers conduct site visits, energy audits and design geothermal heat pump systems for a wide range of new and retrofit applications.

Site Geological Assessment

We design of the ground heat exchanger consistent with the site geology and the heating and cooling loads of the building.  Aztech Geothermal is co-located with our sister company, an environmental services firm, that employs 7 full time geologists.  Soil, bedrock and ground water data are inputs to optimize loop design. The ground heat exchanger design is based upon our review of US Geological Survey Maps (soil and bedrock), site visits and discussions about known ground conditions in the area the ground loop will be placed.

Engineering Design

In order to size the system properly we conduct energy modeling of a building, either ACCA Manual J heat load calculation for homes or programs like Carrier HAP for commercial buildings. We use plans provided by builders or architects and/or use measurements taken on site. With room-by-room or block heat loads we select the appropriate heat pump(s) and determine the airflow or hydronic distribution requirements for the building. The size and design of your ground heat exchanger is determined using specialized ground loop design software to meet the heating load of the building and the specific heat pump(s) selected. 

Project Management

A project engineer and lead technician are assigned to each job ensuring the system is installed to design specifications in coordination with any other on-site contractors.

Installation: Experienced. Hands On.

Aztech is very proud of our skilled technicians and the care the show during the installation process.  Our installations are recognized as the cleanest in the industry.  Our technicians are highly trained in the specific equipment and techniques used to ensure the highest performance and least maintenance.

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