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Aztech Geothermal, LLC is a privately held heat pump system design, installation and service business located in the Albany New York area.   Aztech has designed and installed over 550 successful geothermal heat pump systems primarily in Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts.

Aztech’s work on large commercial systems and Thermal Energy Networks (TEN) is generally focused on a combination of services, including ground heat exchanger (GHX) design, formation thermal conductivity testing, and/or consultation on internal mechanical design. To ensure a ground source system is installed to specification, Aztech offers quality assurance / on-site inspection services during the construction and commissioning phases of projects.      

The principals, John Ciovacco and Geoff Hoffer are both mechanical engineers and joined by Aztech’s highly credentialed staff members:

  • Two AEE Certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD)
  • Four IGSHPA Certified Geothermal Inspectors (CGI)
  • Seven IGSHPA Accredited Installers (AI) 

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