Ground Heat Exchanger Design

Aztech Geothermal offers ground heat exchanger design services for building owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors. We are able to leverage our extensive design/build experience with many hundreds of successful projects to properly assess and design ground heat exchangers appropriate for the unique site geology of your project.  

Ground Heat Exchanger / Ground Loop Design Services

Aztech designs are consistent with the current standard, ANSI/CSA/IGSHPA C448 Series-16  which is the Ground Source Heat Pump Systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings. This is the bi-national industry standard that has gone through the ANSI process that covers different types of heat exchangers including vertical, horizontal, surface water and open loop / groundwater systems. This is the first edition of the bi-national series and covers both residential and commercial geothermal systems. 

For commercial projects Aztech utilizes Gaia Geothermal, GLD Software for ground loop design, which is the premier program for such analysis. 

Site Geological Assessment

We design the ground heat exchanger consistent with the site geology and the heating and cooling loads of the building.  Soil, bedrock and ground water estimates are inputs to optimize loop design. The ground heat exchanger design is based upon our review of US Geological Survey Maps (soil and bedrock), site visits and discussions about known ground conditions in the area the ground loop will be placed. 

Thermal Conductivity Testing Service

Larger projects often call for a Formation Thermal Conductivity Test – sometimes simply called Thermal Conductivity Test or a Test Bore to measure the thermal properties of the ground at the project site.  Aztech has equipment and trained personnel to perform Thermal Conductivity Testing if required by engineers and/or to meet NYS Clean Heat Rebate eligibility criteria.  Here’s the link to more information on our Thermal Conductivity Testing Services.

Contact us to inquire about our extensive geothermal heat pump design services.  


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