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Commercial Portfolio

We offer a comprehensive solution for geothermal heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings with the right balance of engineering and geological expertise needed to be successful. From design to financing, we bring sustainable cost savings mated with the most environmentally friendly systems available today.

Vischer Ferry General Store

The Vischer Ferry General Store dates back to the late 1700s and was recently renovated to house a great store and two residential apartments. Aztech designed and installed a vertical closed loop system supporting a variable speed heat pump. Continue

Aztech Environmental / Aztech Geothermal

The home of Aztech is a 24,000 sq. ft. light manufacturing and office space with a variety of energy conservation enhancements. Continue

Monks of New Skete - Dog Training Facility

Over the past forty-five years, the Monks' training work with dogs has become increasingly well known, mostly through their books and through satisfied customers. The reliability, soundness, and efficiency of a new training center will enable the Monks to continue to provide training for dogs using the principles and philosophies that they have developed and provided to over two thousand dogs and their owners in the past forty-five years. Continue

Oscar's Smokehouse - Warrensburg

Oscar’s Hickory House Inc. was reconstructed after a fire destroyed the Quintal’s nationally known business established in 1946. The new building is designed to be as energy efficient as possible accommodating retail, offices, and manufacturing & processing facilities of meats, cheeses, and other specialty food items. Continue

Edies Crossing, Saratoga Springs

This 20,000 square foot office and light industrial building has several tenants with a distributed water-source heat pump system. Vertical closed ground loops are under the parking lot. Continue

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"The work of the installation crew was superior- neat, clean, respectful to us and to our home, they did a beautiful job. " - Altamont