Saratoga National Bank - Corinth Branch

Saratoga National Bank – Corinth Branch

The bank building at 238 Main Street in Corinth was built as a branch bank in 1972.  The 2,735 square foot building was not well insulated and was heated by resistance electric coils in the air conditioning duct work, electric baseboard radiation and portable electric heaters. 

Geothermal HVAC Features

  • Design-build geothermal HVAC
  • Four (4), 325 foot closed loop boreholes, located under parking lot
  • Three water-to-air reversible heat pumps installed
  • Heat recovery ventilators for fresh air exchanges

Fil Final Jr., P.E. making some final adjustments in November of 2010

"Best thing I ever did!! Love my Geothermal system. Not only do I have warmer heat in the winter but I also received an instant central air without the extra expense of installing an outside ac unit. This company delivered it all! " - Gansevoort