Aeowyn Kendall, AI

Staff Hydrologist / GHX Design Specialist

Aeowyn Kendall, IGSHPA Accredited Installer (AI)

Aeowyn’s master’s thesis involved the intersections of renewable energy and the electrification of the building sector. Her work focused on geothermal energy systems and potential policies that might enable the advancement of the geothermal technology in the northeastern US.  This included modeling the temperature response of the ground at various setback distances from adjacent ground loop systems. Aeowyn also looked at the social science to identify emerging patterns regarding how shallow geothermal can be better integrated into the energy infrastructure and government policy.

At Aztech, Aeowyn is researching ground source heat pump best practices and design specifications including quality assurance / inspection tools for large commercial buildings and Thermal Energy Network (TEN) systems. She pulls together site geological studies to help with understanding the unconsolidated and bedrock layers, along with hydrology, all of which impact the thermal performance of a closed loop geothermal system.  Aeowyn uses this information to increase the accuracy of commercial ground loop designs in advance of thermal conductivity testing. She also performs commercial Ground Heat Exchanger Designs using software tools like Gaia GLD.

Along with being an IGSHPA Accredited Installer (AI), Aeowyn has a BS in Physics from Messiah University, and a MS in Earth Sciences, Hydrology from the University of New Hampshire.