John Ciovacco Speaks at NYSERDA Clean Energy Fund Forum


The Clean Energy Fund Forum is intended to provide stakeholders with additional information on many of the strategies the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) proposes to employ under the Clean Energy Fund (CEF). It was an opportunity to ask clarifying questions on the information presented and offer comments and feedback for NYSERDA to consider as it prepares its CEF Information Supplement, which is due to the Public Service Commission on February 20, 

2015. The information presented was encouraging as Geothermal was included in the Renewable Thermal category, signaling geothermal heat pump technology as a priority among the programs recommended for approval by the PSC.  

In John’s public comments he thanked NYSERDA for including geothermal in the Renewable Thermal program category and inquired about anticipated changes to state sponsored financing programs