Aztech's Ciovacco Addresses Utility Networked Geothermal Collaborative

On September 27, 2023 John Ciovacco presented a breakdown of the recent NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) order outlining the “stage-gate” process for Pilot projects to proceed.

Early stage emphasizes feasibility and stakeholder engagement proceeding to customer enrollment and construction after a compliance review by the Department of Public Service (DPS) staff.  Moving to operation and management of the pilot will also require more detailed filings to get to this stage.  Below is the key slide showing all the stages in the process:

To get the full 18 slide download of the presentation, click on the link below.  Embedded are links to the full text of the Order and additional related recourses of UTEN information.

NYS PSC Implementation Order Utility Thermal Energy Network & Jobs Act (UTEN)

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