Aztech Geothermal’s President Provides Testimony to Public Service Commission

The New York State Public Service Commission conducted a series of informational forums and public statement hearings across the State to seek public input and comment on the Commission’s regulatory component of Governor Cuomo’s overall strategic energy plan, Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV.

NY-GEO is the statewide group representing geothermal heat pump designers, installers and equipment suppliers had representatives at all five the hearings.   At the Albany hearing, Aztech Geothermal’s president, and NY-GEO founding member, John Ciovacco was one of approximately 15 people spoke during the public comment period.   While most homeowners and businesses are focused on using geothermal heat pumps to save money on their energy bills, the PSC also needs to address bigger topics like peak summer load reduction – another key feature of our systems.   John emphasized a geothermal system has about ½ the electric draw on a peak summer day versus a typical air source air conditioner.

For more information on Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative, please visit the NYS Public Service Commission website.  Geothermal systems also use electricity in the non-peak winter months when the electric grid has plenty of capacity available and wants to use it.  Since geothermal systems replace combustion based heating for buildings, the greenhouse gas emissions reductions are also noteworthy.