200 Engineers Attend Aztech’s Presentation at 33rd Annual Capital District Engineers Week

John Ciovacco and Fil Fina, Jr., P.E. attended the 33rd Annual Capital District Engineers Week held at the Albany Marriott February 14th and 15th 2013.  National Engineers Weekwas created in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers and coincided with President’s Day.

John’s presentation on Friday, February 15th at 8 AM entitled Ground Source Heat Pump Systems: Sustainable HVAC Technology for Buildings attracted over 200 interested  engineers. Many were considering this technology for their personal residence or a future home they plan to build.  Others had interest in commercial or industrial applications of ground source heat pump technology.  The presentation highlighted operating cost comparisons between geothermal systems and conventional alternatives for heating and cooling.  Hybrid systems combining boilers, cooling towers and renewable technologies like solar thermal were also discussed.  Significant reductions in the price of natural gas has also increased the viability of gas fired absorption and adsorption heat pumps, like the Invictus heat pump unit offered by New York-based Fulton Companies.

For a copy of the presentation, please shoot us an email at info@aztechgeo.com with your request in the subject line or text.