Residential Incentives & Financing

Low Interest Financing Now Available – Plus Federal Tax Credit and Utilities Rebates !!

With today’s incentives and financing options, residential customers can afford the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. If you choose to finance the system, the savings can often cover an increase in your mortgage or the amount of the loan payments – in some cases with No Money Down! For those paying cash it’s perhaps the best investment you can make in your home with outstanding returns. 

System Economics

For Upstate NY homes heated with Propane, Heating Oil, or Electric Baseboard

  • A geothermal system will save 40-75% on annual heating and cooling costs.
  • The savings alone often cover any monthly loan payment or increases in mortgage.
  • Payback periods are typically 5 to 8 years for retrofit and 3 to 5 years for new homes.
  • Electricity used by the heat pump can be offset by renewable Photovoltaic (PV) Solar.

26% Unlimited Federal Tax Credit – Residential

On December 27, 2020 a bill  was signed into law extending the federal tax credit for geothermal heat pumps in the residential sector. Credits have been extended to December 31, 2023. For 2021 & 2022 the credit is 26% and in 2023 the tax credit will be 22%. Commercial building geothermal credits remain at 10% through 2023.

Geothermal Electric Utility Rebate Programs !!

The amount of funding available to each project will depend on its size and the heat pumps capacity. Smaller projects (e.g., residential and small commercial buildings) get $1,500 to $2,000 per 10,000 BTU of the heat pump for most utility areas we cover.  So a typical 4 ton residential system will qualify for about $6,000. Larger projects (e.g., multi-family, hospitals and college campuses) are custom measures based on annual site energy savings. 

There are also rebated for hot water generators (called desuperheaters) and heat pump water heaters.  We’ll be sure to include any additional rebates in our estimate to you.

On-Bill or Energy Smart Loans

  • Loans are up to $25K with terms of 5, 10 or 15 years available.
  • The Residential Financing Options compares the loan options available and the loan criteria. 
  • Contingent on credit qualification and savings-to-investment ratio criteria.
  • Only for retrofit / existing homes – no new construction.


To learn more about how Aztech Geothermal can help you finance, and save on home energy heating and cooling, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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