Clifton Park Residence

Sustainable Design Elements.

• Two flat panels thermal solar for domestic hot water

• Heats geothermal loop during heating season

• Three ton water-to-air geothermal heat pump

• 450’ closed loop vertical geothermal system

• Geothermal acts as thermal dump for excess hot water in summer

• Double studs for depth to obtain R-52 walls

• 8.4 kW of ground mount PV solar

• Nissan Leaf electric vehicle uses excess electricity produced annually by PV panels

• 200 CFM heat recovery ventilator (HRV) for fresh air

• HRV also used as central bathroom exhaust

• Multiple recycle and reuse examples

"Best thing I ever did!! Love my Geothermal system. Not only do I have warmer heat in the winter but I also received an instant central air without the extra expense of installing an outside ac unit. This company delivered it all! " - Gansevoort