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Aztech’s John Ciovacco Featured in Albany Times Union Article

Posted: 1/4/2022

Article in the Albany Times Union on the Draft Plan from the Climate Action Council which includes aggressive timelines for switching to heat pumps. Continue

Sustainable Hudson’s Clean Power Guide Features Geothermal Jobs Piece

Posted: 12/3/2021

Aztech Geothermal's President, John Ciovacco contributed a section which includes, “Building electrification is a well-defined trend, which will drive increases in all types of heat pump installations, including geothermal heat pump systems." Continue

"Best thing I ever did!! Love my Geothermal system. Not only do I have warmer heat in the winter but I also received an instant central air without the extra expense of installing an outside ac unit. This company delivered it all! " - Gansevoort

Aztech's Ciovacco Lends a Hand at HEET’s Charrette in Cambridge

Posted: 8/2/2021

Aztech's president, John Ciovacco help with facilitation at HEET's site selection Charrette for Eversource's upcoming Geothermal District Pilot. Continue

Lower Global Warming Potential Refrigerants: What Should We Expect?

Posted: 6/7/2021

Video Link Available: Recent federal and state hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant legislation will require the HVAC industry change to meet the growing call for environmental protection. The presentation provides perspectives on the next transition, leading low-GWP refrigerant candidates, timing and possible consequences for various stakeholders.  Continue

NY-GEO Kicks Off 2021 Webinar Series

Posted: 4/1/2021

The New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO) will start a 27 part webinar series with an introduction from Aztech's John Ciovacco who chairs the educational programs for the series. Continue

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